Egyptian companies plan to enter the Russian market

From November 25 to December 2, 2023, a program to train Russian specialists was carried out in the Arab Republic of Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria) in the direction of "Economic cooperation and trade". The organizers of this event: Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, State University of Management, "Expo-Contract" Group

Participants represented scientific and educational institutions, municipal authorities, as well as various business sectors.

During the internship, Russian specialists visited the largest universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt - the University of Al-Azhar (one of the oldest universities in the world) and the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, managed by the League of Arab States, where they familiarized themselves with the principles of student enrollment and educational programs, as well as the implementation of practical projects.

A meeting was organized in the Ministry of Investments, where the participants were introduced to the most important industries for the country, as well as received contacts for further interaction with the aim of implementing their projects on the territory of Egypt.

One of the most important objects visited by Russian specialists is Tarbul - a city under construction, which is supposed to become the largest industrial site in the Middle East.

At the meeting with the International Federation of Arab Businessmen and Investors Abroad, the participants of the training discussed the prospects for cooperation and held individual meetings according to their direction.

In Alexandria, members of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the Alexandria Businessmen Association welcomed the participants and their desire to cooperate with Egyptian businessmen. The Consul of Russia in Alexandria Pavel Kidisyuk also addressed Russian specialists.

The participants of the program met with Ayman Abd-Elaziz - the head of the Administration of the free economic zone in Alexandria, who spoke about the advantages of placing production there, tax holidays, subsequent tax discounts, and with Ehab Mohi - the president of the Association of investors of Alexandria one of the owners of business, presented in this economic zone.

A tour was conducted of several enterprises located in this zone.

Individual negotiations were organized for Russian specialists at all meetings in Alexandria.

Participants managed to visit "Handling Expo 2023" - an international exhibition of material handling systems and warehouse equipment, get advice on doing business in Egypt from one of the leading legal consulting companies in the country.
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During the implementation of the program, agreements were already signed on cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, as well as export contracts were signed.

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